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About the Virtual Tasting

Trester “Tres” Goetting of Robert Biale Vineyards joined John Sporing, founder of A Life Well Drunk, on July 2nd, 2020 at 6 PM ET.

Did you miss the live tasting? No worries, watch it here

Join this “Conversation with Winemaker” as Tres takes on a journey of three different Napa Valley zinfandels:

  • 2018 Black Chicken Zinfandel (Napa)
  • 2018 Varozza Vineyard Zinfandel (St Helena)
  • 2018 RW Moore Vineyard Zinfandel (Coombsville)

Meet The Maker

All truly passionate winemakers dream of the day when they get an opportunity to immerse themselves in unique vineyards and fully utilize their talents to create something special. Some never quite make it, while others, with the passion, work ethic, and a knack for blending science and artistry, ascend to the top.

Tres Goetting is a 26-year veteran Napa Valley enologist and viticulturalist who has already made his mark and fine reputation at a few Napa Valley wineries, but he looks to Biale as his career “moment in the spotlight”.

Tres first paid his dues as a teenaged “cellar rat” in 1987. Then, following college and armed with a razor-sharp palate, took steady steps to move up – hand-crafting wines at three touted Napa Valley grower/producers. Now he has stepped up again to find his ideal niche at Biale.

As for Zinfandel in particular, Tres has a special fascination, “I love Zinfandel because it is a mysterious varietal that never ceases to amaze.”

For more information on Robert Biale Vineyards, visit their site.