Bespoke luxury wine experiences around the globe & exclusive tasting and pouring events

If you produce a wine or spirit, a sample would be very welcome and provide us an opportunity to taste wines/spirits we might not have otherwise experienced. We at A Life Well Drunk are always looking for unique experiences to share with our followers.

In order to truly evaluate your sample, we taste in an actual group setting and get the experiences of those around us. Some are professionals, and some are clients or friends who are lucky enough to stop by that day.

Even if it means that you can only submit half of the wines/spirits you originally intended to send, we request that all submissions include an unopened bottle of each wine/spirit to be considered for review and that all labels be clear of any defects. This makes it far easier for us to determine which we might like to write about before taking photos, etc. Please be sure to include any literature or story that will help us tell the unique story that your wine/spirit is telling the world.

Additionally, we do not guarantee that sending a sample will result in a review and/or a social media posting. We only share wines/spirits that we enjoy and feel represent a unique experience to our followers. That being said, we do not feel that value must be confined or limited below or above a certain price point.

Discovering great wines and spirits at a reasonable price is what excites me. If you are interested in submitting samples or having us visit your winery or distillery, please send an email to Tastings@ALifeWellDrunk[dot]com (please note that we rarely bring clients to a location that we have not previously visited).

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!