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September 2020 is California Wine Month

This gives us a great opportunity
to highlight some of the many
incredible wineries we’ve visited
over the years.

We look forward to visiting these
wineries again very soon.

Today we are featuring Bedrock Wine Company in Sonoma.The tasting room is actually located in historic Joseph Hooker House in downtown Sonoma. The quaint saltbox home has a very limited amount of space, so appointments are required.

It was almost exactly one year ago that we first visited the tasting room. I had heard of Morgan Twain-Peterson for a couple of years, and met him at the ZAP tasting in 2018. I knew he was an MW and his father was the Godfather of Zin–Joel Peterson. I also knew he was working with some of the fruit from Bedrock Vineyard which has vines planted more than 120 years ago and stand over six-feet tall. As Morgan says, “Old vineyards like Bedrock are California’s treasures, a melting pot of old grape varieties. But they offer much more than historical value; they’d be nowhere if they didn’t make very, very good juice.”

Morgan started Bedrock Wine Co. in 2007. Working out of a small converted chicken coop in a friend’s backyard, Morgan focused on making personality-filled wines wrought from a small array of thoughtfully farmed vineyards. Over time the chicken coop and its outdoor fermenters and tiny basket press gave way to production at another friend’s winery and eventually to the “elegant” tin-sided warehouse that is now called home. In addition, after six years of working alone the winery welcomed Chris Cottrell as a partner-in-crime along with a small, dedicated staff of highly decent human beings.

Learn more about Bedrock Wine Co here.