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September 2020 is California Wine Month

This gives us a great opportunity
to highlight some of the many
incredible wineries we’ve visited
over the years.

We look forward to visiting these
wineries again very soon.

Another great winery we’ve not only visited, but also co-hosted a virtual tasting with: Taplin Cellars in Napa Valley. 

The Taplin family came to California in the 1850s and participated in the early development of San Francisco and the Napa Valley. The land they settled in Napa Valley supported grains and grapes in the 1800s, walnuts and prunes in the early 1900s and grapes again beginning in the 1970s. This history stretches back over six generations who have farmed their land.

Today, Stephen and Bill Taplin, the fifth generation of Taplins in the Napa Valley. Their children, represented by eldest cousin Adam Taplin, are also a part of the business.

Taplin Cellars was founded in 2011 to share the magic that Napa Valley holds, and to contribute to creating those wonderful moments when great food, great wine, and great company intersect over great conversation.

The grapes from the estate have gone into many of the well-known wines of the valley, but now there is Terra 9 and Melinda’s Rosé (named for Steve’s sister and all profits go to benefit breast cancer research). They are a family winery honoring their stewardship of the estate by producing wines that are a pure expression of the land where they are grown. 

Learn more about Taplin Cellars here.

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