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October 2020 is Texas Wine Month

This gives us a great opportunity
to highlight some of the many
incredible wineries we’ve visited
over the years.

We look forward to visiting these
wineries in 2021.

Today we are featuring 4.0 Cellars. 

Their name tells the story. In 2009, three Texas winemakers – Pat Brennan of Brennan Vineyards, Gene Estes of Lost Oak Winery, and Kim McPherson of McPherson Cellars – began exploring the idea of opening a winery in Fredericksburg, the heart of Texas wine country. As a result of their collaboration, 4.0 Cellars opened its doors in April 2012. In addition to being the fourth winery in this prestigious group, the name highlights the group’s goal to consistently reach 4.0 perfection in winemaking and customer service.

Learn more about 4.0 Cellars here.