Bespoke luxury wine experiences around the globe & exclusive tasting and pouring events

Go On Tour With A Life Well Drunk

Join A Life Well Drunk on a tour to one of the world's wine regions. We travel to locations all around the world. Each tour has at least one certified wine specialist. The wine specialist can answer most of your questions about wines and grapes and provide you with interesting additional information about the regions you visit.


Each tour is specially designed to introduce the participants to the region visited. This means meeting with owners of the wineries and wine makers. Find out why the wine tastes like it does from the people who are making it. Many times the tours include barrel tastings and other special items not available to the general public. In fact, many of the wineries we visit are not open to the general public.

Our tours are small (4-8 people) so that you get personalized attention. Itineraries include free time for you to explore the region on your own, or hang out at the spa or pool! Many tours also include special lunches or dinners and all hotels and at least four-star.